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Fiction Letters is great fiction sent as personalized letters through the mail.
Fiction Letters is a unique gift idea

Fiction Letters are great stories sent as personalized letters from a fictional friend.

Choose two months of fun with an 8-letter Series or 1-letter standalone Singles.

8 letters from a fictional friend, sent weekly over two months, that tell an incredible story!

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One amazing standalone letter from your fictional friend whose story will leave you astonished!

The Casino Heist Fiction Letters Single - great fiction sent to you as a personalized letter through the mail
About Fiction Letters

What are Fiction Letters?

📪 Fiction Letters are great fiction stories sent through the mail as physical letters from a fictional friend.

📪 Your friend's letters bring you along on an adventure filled with action, twists & turns, and an intriguing cast of characters.

📪 Choose an 8-letter Series and receive one letter per week from your fictional friend for two months, or a 1-letter standalone Single.

📪 Each Fiction Letter uses our realistic custom handwriting font and is personalized with the recipient’s name throughout the letter.

📪 Relive the nostalgia of opening your mailbox to find a letter from a friend waiting for you!

💡 Read the Frequently Asked Questions and Our Story to learn more about Fiction Letters.

The Whistleblower Series of Fiction Letters - great fiction sent as personalized letters

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A Fiction Letters Series is a perfect gift for the reader in your life! You can even add a gift note that we'll include with the first letter.


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