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Fiction Letters is great fiction stories sent as personalized letters
Fiction Letters are a unique gift idea that will thrill for 2 months
  • What is the idea behind Fiction Letters?
    Back in the day it was common to receive letters from friends in the mail. But now, with Facebook, Twitter, texts and email, the surprise of opening your mailbox to find a letter is basically gone. We missed the excitement of finding a letter in the mail, so we came up with the idea of Fiction Letters. With a Fiction Letters Series, you’re in for excitement: eight physical letters sent to you, each a thrill to find waiting in your mailbox.
  • Can I give a Fiction Letters Series as a gift?
    Sure, Fiction Letters make a great gift! Before you add a Fiction Letters Series to your cart, enter a gift message. The letters will be sent to the "Shipped To" address you enter at checkout. If you entered a gift message, we will include it with the first letter along with an explanation of Fiction Letters. We also offer eGift Cards! It's a great way to instantly give Fiction Letters as a gift!
  • Are the letters personalized?
    They sure are! Each letter contains the recipient’s name at the beginning of the letter and throughout the letters. The letters are also include the current date.
  • Are the letters hand-written?
    The envelopes are hand writen, enhancing the excitement of getting a personalized letter in the mail. Due to the popularity of Fiction Letters it is not practical to hand write each letter by hand. But, the letters are printed using a custom handwriting font created by the Fiction Letters team that makes the letters looks remarkably like they are hand-written. Here's a sample of the custom font we created. There are several variations of each letter so that the letters look authentic!
  • What ages are Fiction Letters appropriate for?
    While there is no graphic content in Fiction Letters, some of the letters do take on adult themes. As a result, Fiction Letters are not appropriate for children.
  • How can I get notified of new Fiction Letter or deals?
    It’s easy – just sign up for our email newsletter! Don’t worry, we won’t spam you constantly and we never sell our mailing list to third parties.
  • What countries do you mail letters to, and how much is shipping?
    Currently, we only mail Fiction Letters to addresses in the U.S. and Canada. If you are outside the U.S. and Canada, all is not lost! You can check out Fiction Emails to get letters delivered to your inbox.
  • Do you offer an affiliate program?
    We do! You can find all of the details about the Fiction Letters Affiliate Program here.
  • I have more questions, or I have a press inquiry, how do I contact Ficiton Letters?"
    We're here to answer any questions you have! Just shoot us an email at
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