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Fiction Letters is a fun way to experience fiction! Each series is made up of eight letters from an old "friend" that are delivered to your mailbox once per week for eight weeks. The letters bring you along on your friend's adventures and are filled with action, mystery and thrills.

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The Fiction Letters Series

What is Fiction Letters?

We created Fiction Letters to bring back the excitement of getting letters in the mail!

Let's face it, letter writing is dead. With email, social media and texting, it's just not done anymore. But we missed the excitement of finding a letter waiting when we opened the mailbox, and we think a lot of you do too!

Fiction Letters is great fiction sent to your mailbox as series of 8 personalized letters over 2 months (one letter per week). You'll actually be excited to check your mailbox again!

Read the FAQs and Our Story for more details.

Check out all of the Fiction Letters series available

There are several series of Fiction Letters to choose from.

Each series is from an old "friend" that tells an amazing story.  As each of the 8 letters in the series arrive in your mailbox your friend brings you along on a real adventure.


For example, in the best-selling Seeking Justice Series, your friend Jen writes to tell you that her neighbor was just found dead.  The police say that he killed himself, but Jen thinks that he was murdered.  


Over the 8 weeks, Jen's letters take you on her quest to bring her friend's killer to justice.

Get excited to check your mailbox again!

We think Fiction Letters is a really fun and unique way to EXPERIENCE fiction. 

After the first letter arrives in your mailbox, you'll be dragged into the story your friend is telling you and you'll find yourself checking your mail to see if the next letter has arrived.

So, check you all of the Fiction Letters series available and relive the excitement of opening your mailbox to find a letter waiting for you!

P.S. A Fiction Letters series makes a great gift for the reader in your life!!!

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A Fiction Letters Series makes a great gift for both the readers in your life and those that miss getting letters in the mail!


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Check out all of the great Fiction Letters Series available and get excited to check your mailbox again! 

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