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About Fiction Letters

Fiction Letters is a fun way to experience fiction!


Each series of Fiction Letters is made up of eight physical letters from an old “friend” that are delivered to your mailbox one per week over eight weeks.


The letters bring you along on your friend’s adventures and are filled with action, mystery and thrills. The letters use a custom hand written font and are personalized to the recipient, dated and the envelopes are hand addressed!

Learn more by reading Our Story and the FAQ.

There are four Fiction Letters Series to choose from:

Seeking Justice Series - Jen’s neighbor mysteriously dies and the police think he took his own life. Jen is skeptical and her letters take you along on her mission to prove he was murdered.


Whistleblower Series - Trevor works in a South American field office of a huge pharmaceutical company and he is convinced the company is up to no good. After he blows the whistle the evil company seeks revenge and Trevor’s letters brings you on the harrowing adventures to bring the company’s misdeeds to light.

Phantom Cruise Series - Paul just took his first ever cruise, but it was not the relaxing sun and fun filled voyage he expected. His letters to you recap the mysterious happenings on the high seas.

Scavenger Hunt Series - While competing in her company’s team building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds an ancient map. At first she thought is was a clue in the scavenger hunt but things take a drastic turn when she learns it is a centuries old treasure map.

P.S. A Fiction Letters Series makes a great gift for the reader in your life! We’ll send the letters directly to the recipient and include a gift note with the first letter!

Thanks as always for your support,

The Fiction Letters Team

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About Fiction Letters
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