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The Fiction Letters Story

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Welcome to a fun new way to read fiction!

It's almost too obvious to point out, but no one writes and sends physical letters anymore.  What's the need really?  With email, Facebook, Twitter and a seemingly new digital way to stay connected every day there really isn't a need to use the mail to communicate.

But don't we miss it?!?  Opening the mailbox and finding a personal letter among the usual bills and junk mail is a thrill, and Fiction Letters is attempting to bring back that excitement.

We developed Fiction Letters as a fun new way to read fiction: serialized stories sent as physical letters through the mail.  Each series contains eight letters, sent one per week over two months.  There are several series available, like the best-selling Seeking Justice Series.

The Seeking Justice Series is from your old friend Jen.  In the first letter she tells you some terrible news - her neighbor was found dead.  The police say that he killed himself, but Jen thinks he was murdered.  As the weeks unfold, Jen's letters take you along as she attempts to bring her friend's murderer to justice.

We really think you'll love this unique new way to read fiction.  So browse our series of Fiction Letters and get excited to check your mailbox again!

Thanks for your interest,

The Fiction Letters Team

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