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Give Fiction Letters a Try for Free

With the recent launch of Fiction Letters, we're excited to let as many people as possible get a chance to see what a fun and unique service this is!

For a limited time we are offering a completely free trial with absolutely no obligation - we promise! And no credit card is needed!

You can get the first of the eight letter Seeking Justice Series sent to you by mail to test out the service. If it's for you, just follow the simple instructions that will be included with the first letter and we'll send you the remaining seven letters of the Series.

In the Seeking Justice Series, your old friend Jen writes you and lets you know that her next door neighbor, Mr. Fudge was just found dead. The police say it is a simple suicide, but Jen has her doubts. She thinks he was murdered. As events unfold, Jen keeps you up to date on her wild ride as she tries to prove that her neighbor was murdered through a series of weekly letters to you. You won't see the ending coming!

So go on, give Fiction Letters a try with this totally free trial and get excited to check your mailbox again! Head on over to to get started.

Thanks again for reading,

The Fiction Letters Team

#FreeTrial #SeekingJustice

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