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A Look Inside the Seeking Justice Series

The Seeking Justice Series is real roller coaster ride! This series of Fiction Letters starts off when Jen sends you a letter with some surprising news - her next door neighbor, Mr. Fudge, has been found dead. Jen tells you that the police very quickly ruled his death a suicide, but she thinks there is more to the story. Jen is confident that Mr. Fudge was murdered.

As the eight weeks of letters unfold, Jen recounts to you all of the twists and turns in her quest to find Mr. Fudge's murderer. From an undercover trip to the morgue to sneaking in to a suspect's house to search for clues to a clandestine meeting with the possible murderer at an abandoned warehouse, Jen brings you along for all of the twists and turns in her adventure and introduces you to a unique cast of characters along the way. It's a real adventure!

For a limited time, you can get the first of the eight letter Seeking Justice Series! It's absolutely free, with no obligation - we just want to prove to you how fun and unique the Fiction Letters service is! To get your free copy of the first Seeking Justice letter mailed out to you, just fill out the form that can be found here.

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