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94% of People Love Getting Letters in the Mail

The happiness receiving a letter in the mail creates can’t be overstated. In a Gallup poll taken a couple of years ago, 94% of respondents said that they love receiving a physical letter in the mail from someone they know.

Not only does getting a letter in the mail make people happy, but just the thought of checking the mail is something that 41% of Americans look forward to doing!

These days, it is, unfortunately, unrealistic to think that we will receive many, or any, physical letters in the mail. There are just too many more convenient ways to communicate nowadays.

That’s actually a sad thing! The feeling you get after opening the mailbox and finding a personal letter addressed to you among all of the junk mail and bills is something that we need more of, not less!

If you can’t convince your friends and family to start writing and mailing letters, we have an alternative. It’s called Fiction Letters.

With Fiction Letters you purchase a series of letters. Each series is from an old “friend.” Over the course of eight weeks you will receive one real, physical letter in the mail. These letters tell an amazing story filled with action, adventure, drama and suspense.

After you get the first letter you’ll be hooked! Each week you’ll be excited to check your mailbox to see if the next letter has arrived!

You can learn more about Fiction Letters by reading Our Story or checking out the Frequently Asked Questions. And don't forget to sign up for our email newsletter and receive an instant coupon code for $5 off your first Fiction Letters series!

There are four great Fiction Letters Series to choose from. For example, in the best-selling series Seeking Justice your friend Jen writes to you after her neighbor was found dead. The police say that he killed himself, but Jen doesn’t buy it. Over the course of eight weeks Jen’s letters bring you along on her adventure in proving her neighbor was murdered and her quest to bring the killer to justice.

Take a look at Fiction Letters today - it will make you excited to check your mailbox again!

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