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A Fiction Letters Series Makes a Great Gift!

Are you looking for a unique gift? You’re in the right spot because a Fiction Letters series makes an amazing gift!

Fiction Letters delivers great fiction as personalized letters sent through the mail. Each week, for eight weeks, the recipient will receive a letter in the mail from an old “friend.” As the weeks unfold, the letters tell an amazing story, filled with suspense, mystery and adventure. The person you gave the gift of Fiction Letters to will actually be excited to check their mailbox to see if the next letter has arrived!

There are several series of Fiction Letters available such as the best-selling Seeking Justice series, the adventure-packed Whistleblower series and the unusual Phantom Cruise series.

It’s easy to send a Fiction Letters series as a gift. At checkout, simply fill in the recipient’s name and address in the field provided. When we send the first letter, we will include a note indicating that the Fiction Letters series is a gift from you as well as some background on what Fiction Letters is all about.

Fiction Letters makes a great gift for book lovers as well as your loved ones who miss the thrill of getting letters in the mail.

Need more information on Fiction Letters? No problem! Read the FAQ, Our Story or send us your question at – we’re always here to help!

Thanks for checking us out!

The Fiction Letters Team

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