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Try Fiction Letters for Free

We're so confident that you'll love Fiction Letters that we'll send you the first letter in any of our great series completely free!

We have several series of letters available. Each series contains 8 letters that are sent one per week over two months. As the letters arrive, your old "friend" tells you an amazing story, filled with suspense, action and thrilling adventures. Each week your friend's story unfolds as another letter arrives in your mailbox.

To get your free letter simply fill out the form here and indicate which series of Fiction Letters you are interested in. We'll send you the first letter from that series at no cost and no obligation. There are no tricks here, we just want you to see how much fun Fiction Letters is and to get excited to check your mailbox again!

Here's a quick recap of the Fiction Letters series that are available:

Seeking Justice

In the Seeking Justice Series, Jen writes to you with some shocking news. Herneighbor, Mr. Fudge, is found dead in his home. The police say he committed suicide, but Jen has her doubts - she thinks he was murdered.

Now, Jen is on a quest to find her neighbor's murderer. As she investigates, Jen comes across many interesting suspects: Mr. Fudge's abrasive law partner, his sketchy brother and his very unusual fiancé. As Jen gets closer to exposing the truth the dangers become more real as the killer tries to silence her.

The Whistleblower

In TheWhistleblower Series, you will receive letters from Trevor after he becomes a corporate whistleblower. Trevor works in a remote South American field office of a big American pharmaceutical company. He's proud of his work, but he soon uncovers that the drug trial he's been working on is not what it seems.

After uncovering that his employer is taking advantage of the poor villagers and putting their lives in danger, it is Trevor's life that is now at risk. His employer will stop at nothing to silence him and Trevor must flee through the jungle to save his own life and expose the corruption.

Phantom Cruise

An around-the-world cruise turns from a luxury getaway into a mystery and your old friend Paul is recounting his crazy story in the Phantom Cruise Series.

Paul is talked into taking his first cruise but from the moment the ship sets sail something seems off to him. As the ship misses port after port only Paul and a small group of passengers seem to notice. The food and alcohol is plentiful and the party gets louder and louder, but the journey home just doesn’t seem to happen.

Thanks for reading!

The Fiction Letters Team

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