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4 popular serialized fiction stories

Serialized fiction has been a beloved form of storytelling for years, captivating readers with its suspenseful installments that leave them eagerly awaiting the next chapter.

From Reader's Digest to modern platforms like Wattpad, Radish, and Kindle Vella, serialized fiction has evolved with the times.

Now, there's a new twist in the world of serialized storytelling that will reignite your love for this fiction format: Fiction Letters.

Fiction Letters is amazing serialized fiction sent to you through the mail as personalized physical letters! The letters are from a fictional friend who has an incredible story to tell you.

In this blog post, we'll explore 4 popular serialized fiction stories from Fiction Letters that will keep you entertained, engaged, and eagerly checking your mailbox for the next thrilling installment.

4 popular serialized fiction stories from Fiction Letters

The Fiction Letters Series (clockwise from top left): Scavenger Hunt, Whistleblower, Seeking Justice, Phantom Cruise
The Fiction Letters Series (clockwise from top left): Scavenger Hunt, Whistleblower, Seeking Justice, Phantom Cruise

Each Fiction Letters Series contains eight letters, and you’ll receive one letter per week – that’s two months of fun with your fictional friend!

The letters are personalized with your name throughout and they use our custom handwriting font that adds to this unique experience.

Let’s take a look at the Fiction Letters Series…

Scavenger Hunt Series

Imagine stumbling upon a hidden treasure map during a corporate scavenger hunt. That's exactly what happens to Sarah, and her life takes an unexpected turn as she embarks on an adventure of a lifetime. Through eight action-packed letters, she shares her experiences and discoveries, keeping you on the edge of your seat. Get ready for a riveting story that combines suspense, history, and the thrill of a treasure hunt. Learn more…

Whistleblower Series

Follow the courageous journey of your buddy Trevor, who uncovers a dark secret at his new job. In an act of bravery, Trevor blows the whistle on astounding corruption, setting off a chain of events that puts his life in danger. As he goes on the run from his former employer, each of Trevor's eight pulse-pounding letters will leave you breathless. Prepare for a heart-pumping ride through danger and suspense. Learn more…

Seeking Justice Series

Join your friend Jen on a suspenseful journey as she uncovers the truth behind her neighbor's mysterious death. While the authorities believe he took his own life, Jen is convinced there's foul play involved. Through a series of eight captivating letters, she brings you along on her thrilling quest for justice. If you're a fan of mysteries and true crime, the Seeking Justice Series is an absolute must-read! Learn more…

Phantom Cruise Series

What was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turns into a chilling and mysterious adventure for Paul. Join him on his first cruise, where strange occurrences and unexplained phenomena unfold before his eyes. Through his eight gripping letters, you'll experience the spine-tingling atmosphere and unravel the secrets of the high seas. Get ready for a thrilling journey that keeps you guessing until the very end. Learn more…

Ready to experience a fun, new way to read serialized fiction?

Serialized fiction has taken a delightful twist with Fiction Letters, offering readers a fresh and exciting way to immerse themselves in captivating stories. Whether you're drawn to mysteries, adventures, or heart-pounding suspense, these four popular serialized fiction stories from Fiction Letters will keep you entertained and hooked from the very first letter.

With each letter personalized and sent right to your mailbox, the anticipation of receiving the next letter will make you giddy with excitement. So, grab your preferred beverage, settle into your favorite reading spot, and get ready to embark on these thrilling literary adventures. Happy reading!

You can check out these 4 popular serialized fiction stories from Fiction Letters here.

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