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4 reasons why people love getting Fiction Letters in the mail

When was the last time you actually got excited when you checked your mail? It’s probably been a while since all we seem to get delivered is junk mail, fliers, and a bill that we didn’t set up on autopay. Forget about receiving an actual letter from a friend – nobody writes letters anymore.

We were a little sad about that, so we created Fiction Letters.

4 reasons why people love getting Fiction Letters in the mail.

Fiction Letters is great fiction delivered to you as personalized physical letters through the mail. There are several series of Fiction Letters, and with each series you get one letter per week for eight weeks. The letters are from a fictional friend who has an amazing story to tell you.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why people LOVE getting Fiction Letters in the mail…


There are lots of ways to read fiction. Read an ebook on your phone or e-reader. Go “old school” with a physical book. Heck, don’t even read – just listen to an audiobook instead!

Fiction Letters is totally different. You get physical letters in the mail from a fictional friend who has an incredible story to tell you. Each week, you receive a letter from your friend who brings you along on a two-month adventure.

Oh, and the letters use a custom handwriting font that we created, which is amazingly realistic, so it's really like a letter that an old friend wrote you. Plus, each letter has your name throughout, adding a personal touch you won't find in a book or ebook!

Think of it as a fiction experience!

Action-packed fiction stories

At its heart, Fiction Letters is about great fiction! While the delivery method is different than traditional books or ebooks, Fiction Letters series are packed with amazing characters, great plots, and lots of action and adventure.

Once you receive the first letter, you’ll be checking your mailbox with anticipation to see if the next letter has arrived!


Speaking of anticipation, in today’s digital, on-demand, want-it-now world, we’re losing our sense of anticipation.

Want to read that new book? Buy it as an ebook and read it NOW. Want to watch the hot new show? Open Netflix and watch it NOW. Actually, watch the WHOLE season in one night NOW! Need toothpaste? Open your phone and get it delivered NOW (or in 2 hours or less, at least!).

With Fiction Letters, it will take you 2 months to finish the story. That’s by design. With just one letter per week sent to your mailbox, you’ll have to wait a week for the next letter to arrive. No cheating possible!

You’ll find yourself anticipating the next letter arriving. You’ll smile when you open your mailbox to find the hand-addressed envelope waiting for you. As you open the envelope, you’ll see the written words across the pages, encouraging you to read the next part of your fictional friend’s journey.

Anticipation is underrated. With Fiction Letters, anticipation is a feature and not a bug 😊


When was the last time you got a letter in the mail from a friend or family member? Think hard, we’ll wait! OK, if you’re like most of us, it’s probably been decades since you received a letter. If you’ve ever received one at all.

Fiction Letters is trying to change that. While we know we’ll never bring back the almost-lost art of letter writing, we think our unique way of delivering fiction is a step in the right direction. When you open your mailbox to find a hand-written envelope waiting for you, even if it’s from a fictional friend, a smile will definitely spread across your face!

With Fiction Letters, you can relive the experience of receiving personalized letters in the mail, even in today’s digital world!

Get excited to check your mailbox again!

Does Fiction Letters sound like fun? Ready to try it out? Good.

Just browse the Fiction Letters series and pick one. Then wait. Wait until the first letter in the series is delivered to your mailbox. Then wait some more. A week, in fact. Until the next letter arrives.

Repeat for two months as your fictional friend sends you eight letters, each filled with action, adventure, and twists and turns.

Enjoy the journey!

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