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5 Reasons Why People Love Getting Letters in the Mail

In today's digital age, receiving a letter in the mail can be a rare and unique occurrence. But why do people love getting physical letters in the mail? In a world where digital communication is becoming the norm, a handwritten letter is a reminder of the emotional and personal connection that can be made through the written word.

5 reasons why people love getting letters in the mail:

5 reason why people love getting letters in the mail

1. Personal Touch

Physical letters convey a sense of personal connection and thoughtfulness that typed letters or emails cannot match. Seeing someone's unique handwriting on a piece of paper creates an emotional bond and makes the letter feel more special. This personal touch can make the letter feel more intimate and heartfelt, making the person receiving the letter feel valued and appreciated.

2. Novelty

With the rise of digital communication, receiving a handwritten letter in the mail has become a rare and special occurrence. This can make the letter feel even more special and meaningful. The sender has taken the time and effort to put pen to paper, seal it in an envelope, and send it through the mail. This added level of effort makes the letter feel more valuable and appreciated.

3. Tangibility

Physical letters have a sense of tangibility that digital communications lack. Holding a letter in your hands and reading it multiple times can create a deeper connection with the person who wrote it and the content of the letter itself. The tactile experience of a letter can bring back memories and emotions, making it a cherished keepsake.

4. Slow and Intentional Communication

Handwriting a letter takes more time and effort than sending an email, tweet, or text message. This usually means the sender has taken the time to craft the message with great care. Also, the receiver of the letter can take their time to read and re-read the letter, savoring the experience. This slow and intentional communication can make the letter feel more special and meaningful.

5. Keepsake

A handwritten letter is a tangible piece of history that can be kept and treasured for years to come. They can be a wonderful way to remember a special person or event and can be passed down through generations. Handwritten letters can also be read and re-read in the future, bringing back memories and emotions from the past.

Ways to start receiving letters in the mail

Are you interested in reliving the nostalgia of getting letters in the mail? Here are a couple of ideas.

1. Enlist Some Pen Pals

Talk to a friend or two about starting to write to each other. The letters don’t have to be big, formal affairs. They can be quick notes about what happened during the week or thoughts on a recent event.

2. Fiction Letters

One way to relive the experience of getting physical letters in the mail is with a Fiction Letters series.
Read about your fictitious friend's adventures with a Fiction Letters series!

If your family and friends turn down your request to become pen pals, don’t fret! You can still experience opening your mailbox to find a personalized letter waiting for you with Fiction Letters!

Fiction Letters is great fiction sent as a series of eight personalized letters. There are several series of letters to choose from that come from a fictitious friend who has a fantastic story to tell you. The letters are filled with twists and turns, adventures, and an interesting cast of characters. Check out all of the Fiction Letters series here.

Whether you exchange letters with a friend or family member or start receiving letters from your fictitious Fiction Letters friend, you’ll look forward to your mail carrier arriving with a new, personalized letter to read!

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