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A New Twist on Serialized Fiction

I’ve always loved serialized fiction. As a kid, I would devour fiction stories printed in newspapers and magazines like Reader’s Digest. Waiting for a new issue to arrive in the mail with the latest installment of a story was half the fun!

Reader's Digest was a favorite for fans of serialized fiction.

New sites are bringing serialized fiction into the digital age

Fast forward to today, and serialized fiction is actually making a bit of a comeback. Sites like Wattpad and Radish provide great fiction in episodic format. There are Substacks devoted to serialized fiction, like Dickens Weekly, which sends you a chapter of a Charles Dickens story by email each week, or Rogue Writer, where author Shari Lopatin releases a weekly chapter of her latest story or essay.

Even the behemoth Amazon has ventured into the serialized fiction game with its Kindle Vella platform. Kindle Vella offers serialized stories in the form of “episodes” in tons of genres. The first episode is free to read, then, in most cases, the reader will need to pay for tokens to read additional episodes of a story.

A new twist on serialized fiction... Fiction Letters!

I love that there are new digital platforms for serialized fiction! It’s great for independent authors and readers alike. While these new platforms are great, they have one thing in common – they are all digital.

Fiction Letters puts a new (old school!) spin on serialized fiction. Instead of reading chapters or episodes on a screen, the story is sent to you as a series of personalized physical letters through the mail!

The letters are from a fictitious friend of yours who has an amazing story to tell. Your friend sends you one letter per week for eight weeks, bringing you along on a journey filled with adventure, twists and turns, and an unforgettable cast of characters.

The letters use a custom handwriting font we created that gives the illusion of real handwriting. Plus, the recipient’s name is used throughout the letters, which personalizes the reading experience. We handwrite all the envelopes, so it’s really like getting a letter in the mail from an old friend. Oh, the nostalgia!

The Fiction Letters Series

We have four series of Fiction Letters available, from the best-selling Seeking Justice Series to our latest, the Scavenger Hunt Series. Here’s a quick look at all the Fiction Letters series:

Fiction Letters is great serialized fiction sent to you as a series of personalized letters
Fiction Letters is great serialized fiction sent to you as a series of personalized letters!

Seeking Justice Series

Your friend Jen has tragic news – her neighbor was found dead. While the police say he took his own life, Jen doesn’t buy it. This action-packed series is filled with twists and turns as Jen brings you along on her quest to find a killer. The Seeking Justice Series is great for fans of mysteries and true crime! Learn more

Whistleblower Series

Your buddy Trevor was excited about his new job but soon discovered his employer had a dark, dangerous secret. After blowing the whistle on the corruption, Trevor is on the run as his ex-employer will stop at nothing to silence him. Trevor's eight pulse-pounding letters will get your adrenaline pumping. Learn more

Scavenger Hunt Series

While competing in her company’s team-building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds a centuries-old map. Is it just a clue in the game or a life-changing treasure map? You'll be riveted as Sarah tells you her story through 8 fascinating letters. Learn more

Phantom Cruise Series

Paul’s first cruise was supposed to be a sun-filled and relaxing vacation. Instead, it turned out to be anything but! Paul’s letters recount the mysterious happenings on the high seas. Learn more

We’d love for you to give Fiction Letters a try for yourself or give a series as a present - they make terrific gifts for the avid readers in your life or the older generation who misses getting letters in the mail.

Learn more about Fiction Letters

Need more information about Fiction Letters? Read the Frequently Asked Questions and Our Story for more details on our unique take on serialized fiction!

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