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Check out this unique and personalized birthday gift perfect for people who love to read

Are you struggling to find a unique and personalized birthday gift for your book-loving friends and family? If you don't want to gift yet another book, we have the perfect solution for you - Fiction Letters!

Fiction Letters is great fiction sent as personalized letters!

Imagine your loved ones receiving personalized letters in the mail from a fictional friend, filled with adventure, suspense, and drama. Fiction Letters are the perfect blend of great fiction and the long-lost art of letter writing. Plus, who doesn't love the thrill of opening their mailbox to find a letter waiting for them among all the junk mail and bills?

A Fiction Letters Series includes eight thrilling letters, one per week over two months. They’ll be on the edge of their seat, eagerly awaiting the next installment of the story to land in their mailbox. With four different Fiction Letters Series to choose from, there's something for everyone.

Choose from four Fiction Letters Series

If they’re interested in a wild treasure hunt, check out the Scavenger Hunt Series with Sarah. For high-stakes whistleblowing drama, Trevor's Whistleblower Series has got you covered. Jen's Seeking Justice Series is perfect for those who seek serious justice, and the Phantom Cruise Series with Paul is a great option for high-seas mystery lovers. Not sure which series they'll love the most? Send a Gift Card via email and let them choose!

The personalized touches make Fiction Letters a unique birthday gift

The personal touches of hand-written envelopes, our realistic custom handwriting font used for the letters, and the recipient’s name sprinkled throughout the letters will have them thinking they're receiving letters from a real-life friend who has an amazing story to tell them!

With the option to include a personalized gift note with the first letter, you'll be the best gift-giver ever! Say goodbye to the predictable and boring gift of a book and hello to the excitement and thrill of Fiction Letters.

So, surprise your book-loving friends and family with the gift of adventure and check out all the Fiction Letters Series here - it's truly the perfect unique and personalized birthday gift for people who love to read!

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