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Fiction Letters are a unique gift idea that will thrill for 2 months

Fictitious letters or emails – your choice!

Your fictitious friend has an amazing story to tell you, and now you can choose to get either physical letters in the mail or emails from them!

With Fiction Letters by Mail, you’ll get 8 letters in the mail from your friend. The letters are sent 1 per week over 8 weeks. The personalized letters use our custom handwriting font that is amazingly realistic. Get excited to check your mailbox again!

A Fiction Letters by Mail series make a great gift for the avid reader in your life or someone in the older generation who misses getting letters in the mail! You can choose the series and we can include a gift note with the first letter or you can send an eGift Card and let them choose the series themself!

Get excited to check your mailbox as your fictitious friend sends you letters in the mail detailing an amazing story.

With Fiction Letters by Email, you’ll get 8 emails from your fictitious friend, sent 1 per day over 8 days. The emails are sure to liven up your inbox as your friend tells you an unbelievable story.

Whether you choose Fiction Letters by Mail or by Email, you have several series to choose from. Like the best-selling Seeking Justice series. Your friend Jen writes to tell you that her neighbor was murdered. Jen’s 8 pulse-pounding letters or emails bring you along as she tries to solve the crime.

Or, the fan favorite Scavenger Hunt series. Sarah finds a centuries-old map. Is it just part of her company’s team building scavenger hunt, or a treasure map to fortunes? Sarah’s 8 letters or emails will keep you on the edge of your seat!

Do you have any questions about Fiction Letters? Check out the FAQ or read Our Story for more information.

Ready to browse all the Fiction Letters series? View the Fiction Letters by Mail series here, and the Fiction Letters by Email series here.

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