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Flash Sale: The Whistleblower Series is 20% Through Sunday!

Looking for an action-packed read? Then look no further than the Whistleblower Series of Fiction Letters. And from now through Sunday this series is 20% off!

The adrenaline filled Whistleblower Series of Fiction Letters is filled with action, adventure and camaraderie. Over two months, your friend Trevor sends you eight letters recounting the life-threatening fallout after he blew the whistle on a corrupt drug trial.

Trevor works in a remote South American field office of a big American pharmaceutical company. He's proud of his work, but he soon uncovers that the drug trial he's been working on is not what it seems.

After uncovering that his employer is taking advantage of the poor villagers and putting their lives in danger, it is Trevor's life that is now at risk. His employer will stop at nothing to silence him and Trevor must flee through the jungle to save his own life and expose the corruption.

The  Whistleblower Series delivers one letter a week for eight weeks from Trevor which detail the harrowing twists and turns of his effort to expose the corruption while his foes attempt to silence him. Get ready to check your mailbox again, there might be a letter from Trevor waiting for you!

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