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Get Excited to Check Your Mailbox Again :)

What is Fiction Letters

If you haven’t heard about our service, we’d like to tell you a little more about Fiction Letters.

A while back we realized we've been missing something.  While we've never been more connected to family and friends with the onset of Facebook, Twitter, email and texting, we also lost a more intimate form of communication - the written letter.

The memories of opening the mailbox and finding a letter from a friend or family member among all of the junk mail and bills came flooding back.  When you got a letter in the mail it was almost always the first thing you opened, probably even before you got to your front door!  But let's face it, no one is going to write physical letters anymore.

These memories of getting letters in the mail along with the realization that the art of letter writing is dead is what led to Fiction Letters.  Wouldn't it be great to get letters in the mail even when there was zero chance that our friends and family will actually sit down and write a letter?!?

So what is Fiction Letters?  It is a completely new and unique service that sends you physical letters through the mail.  You have the choice of several series of letters.  Each series contains eight letters, each sent about a week apart over the course of two months.  The letters are from an old "friend" who tells an action packed, fun and enthralling story.  Each week's letter builds on the previous weeks’.  Think of it as a serialized short story sent to you in letter form.

Our most popular Fiction Letter Series is called “Seeking Justice.”  The series starts out when Jen sends you a letter after her next door neighbor Mr. Fudge is found dead.  The police claim it is a suicide but Jen thinks it is murder. Over the ensuing eight weeks, Jen tells you about her harrowing plot to prove that Mr. Fudge was indeed murdered and how she attempts to bring the murderer to justice.  Seeking Justice is filled with twists and turns that keep going until the very end!

We hope you take a look at our service - we think it is fun and really unique.  If you love fiction and short stories and you miss the thrill of opening your mailbox to find a personalized letter, then Fiction Letters is for you.  A Fiction Letters Series also makes a great gift for the book lover in your life!

So go on, give it a try and get excited to check your mailbox again!

Thanks for reading,

The Fiction Letters Team

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