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Great Fiction + Personalized Letters = Fiction Letters!

Why is Fiction Letters so unique? It’s because we offer great serialized fiction sent through the mail as physical, personalized letters! We combine the nostalgia of getting hand-inscribed envelopes in the mail with fun, fast-paced fiction that will thrill.

If you decide to purchase a Fiction Letters series, you’ll get one letter per week in the mail for eight weeks. You’ll actually be excited to check your mailbox again!

The letters are from an old (fictional!) friend, and they tell an astonishing story. As the weeks progress, your friend’s letters will bring you along on their journey, and you won’t be able to wait until the next letter lands in your mailbox.

Each of the four Fiction Letters series are from a different friend, and they are all packed with fun, thrills and adventure.

In the Seeking Justice Series, your friend Jen writes you to let you know that her neighbor Mr. Fudge mysteriously died. The police say he killed himself, but Jen isn’t buying it. Her letters to you take you on along on her mission to find the murderer.

In the Whistleblower Series, Trevor writes to tell you about his new job in a field office of a pharmaceutical company. At first, he loves the job, but then he learns that the company is up to some pretty evil things. After he blows the whistle, the company seeks revenge and that leads to Trevor running for his life.

Our spookiest series is Phantom Cruise. Your pal Paul just took his first-ever cruise, but it was not the relaxing sun-filled journey he thought it would be. As soon as the ship left port strange things started happening. Paul’s letters to you recount the mysterious happenings as the ship sailed on the high seas.

Who doesn’t love a scavenger hunt? Sarah was excited about her company’s team-building scavenger hunt until she found an old map. She thought the map was part of the game, but it was actually an ancient treasure map — a map that puts her life in danger and changes her life. The Scavenger Hunt Series keep you riveted!

We think Fiction Letters really is a unique and fun way to experience fiction. If you think so too, you can use code UNIQUE at checkout to save 15% off your purchase.

Want to learn more about Fiction Letters? Check out Our Story and the Frequently Asked Questions. Plus, keep up-to-date on new Fiction Letters series and special deals by signing up for our newsletter.

Thanks for reading!

The Fiction Letters Team

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