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Fiction Letters are a unique gift idea that will thrill for 2 months

Help spread the word about Fiction Letters and earn commissions!

Help get the word out about Fiction Letters by joining our affiliate program
Help get the word out about Fiction Letters by joining our affiliate program

Our fans love Fiction Letters. Because it’s unique. Because it’s fun. Because it revives the joy of getting letters in the mail.

Now, we’re looking to get the word out about Fiction Letters, and we’d like your help!

We’ve recently created a brand-new affiliate program. You can refer your loyal readers and followers to Fiction Letters, and for every sale you refer you’ll earn a 15% commission!

What is Fiction Letters about? Well, it’s great serialized fiction sent as a series of eight letters through the mail. The letters are from a fictional friend who has an amazing story to tell. As a new letter arrives each week, the reader is brought along on an incredible adventure.

We have four series of Fiction Letters, and each one is packed with adventures, excitement, and twists and turns. We even use a proprietary handwriting font that we created that our readers love!

Our affiliate program contains great specs for our affiliates, like a 15% payout paid monthly, 30-day cookies, and your very own discount code to share with your followers. Best of all, Fiction Letters is a one-of-a-kind product that has very little competition.

You can see all the details about the Fiction Letters affiliate program here, and sign up to become an affiliate here.

We hope you join us in spreading the word about Fiction Letters. It’s really something different that our fans love, and we’re sure yours will too!

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