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Help Support Beagle Freedom Project

About 10 years ago I walked into a dog shelter with the intention of bringing home a Boston Terrier that was listed on the shelter's website. As I was walking in the door, the dog that I had my heart set on was in the arms of his new mom, heading to his forever home.

I was happy the little Boston found a new home, but at the same time I was crushed. When I told the shelter volunteer what just happened she told me to look around and visit some of the other dogs awaiting adoption.

After wandering around the room and looking at all of the cute dogs hoping to meet their new families, I stopped at a cage with a scared looking beagle cowering in the far corner. She was thin as rails and shaking. I asked the shelter volunteer if she knew the background on this beagle, but all she could tell me was that she was found roaming the streets. The volunteer asked if I wanted to meet the dog outside of her cage.

A few minutes later, in a small room with a chair and a few dog toys, the volunteer brought in the beagle. Still shaking, she looked at me, but would not come near me. As the volunteer left, I sat on the floor with my legs crossed. The beagle continued to just stare at me. I continued to sit there. The beagle continued to stare. This went on for at least 5 minutes.

Then, the beagle took a small step toward me. Then another. I reached out to pet her and she jumped backwards, so I removed my hand. Another minute passed and she took another step toward me. I did not reach out, I just kept looking in her eyes. Another minute or two passed and she kept creeping closer. Soon she was right in front of my legs. Then one paw stepped on my leg. Then another. Then she jumped up onto my legs, looked in my eyes, laid down in my lap and fell asleep.

I just sat there looking at her as she slept. When the shelter volunteer stopped in and saw the scene I told her that I think this beagle just found its forever home.

During my time being a beagle parent, I was lucky enough to come across a great organization called the Beagle Freedom Project. These fine folks rescue beagles (and all types of animals) from animal testing facilities, care after them post-rescue and find them new forever homes. They truly live up to their slogan RESCUE, REHAB, REPEAT.

While my beagle is no longer with us, I continue to admire the great work that Beagle Freedom Project does every day. As a small gesture, from now through March 31, 2020, Fiction Letters will donate $5.00 from every Fiction Letters series sold to Beagle Freedom Project.

Even if you decide not to purchase a Fiction Letters series, I hope you take a look at this great organization to learn about the amazing work that they do. You can learn more about them at

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