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How to get more letters in the mail

Many people miss receiving letters in the mail because it brings back memories of a time when communication was not as instantaneous as it is today.

In the past, sending a letter was the primary way to stay in touch with loved ones, and receiving a letter was a special event. For many older adults, getting a letter in the mail was a tangible reminder that they were thought of and cared for by someone.

How to get more letters in the mail

The art of letter writing is disappearing. According to a CBS News survey, half of Americans have not received a personal letter in the past five years.

Seniors, especially, miss the joy of opening the mailbox to find a personal letter waiting for them instead of just a pile of bills and junk mail.

Why we miss getting letters in the mail?

One of the reasons we love getting letters in the mail is the personal touch it adds to communication. A letter is not just a message but also a piece of art created by the writer. It reflects the writer's personality, and we appreciate the time and effort put into creating a letter.

Additionally, for older adults who may not have as much interaction with technology, getting a letter in the mail can be a refreshing change from the constant digital communication they may receive.

How can we get more letters in the mail?

If someone wants to relive the joy of getting physical letters in the mail again, they can do a few things. They can:

  • Encourage their loved ones to write to them about their lives instead of texting or emailing.

  • Join a pen pal program, where they can exchange letters with people worldwide.

  • Write letters and send them to friends and family members. This allows them to express their thoughts and feelings, keeps their writing skills sharp, and may encourage a letter in return.

  • Get a Fiction Letters series. While the letters are from a fictitious friend, the thrill of getting personalized, physical letters in the mail will bring back fond memories. Plus, they are REALLY fun to read! Learn more about Fiction Letters here.

Receiving letters in the mail holds a special place in the hearts of many, especially older adults, as it brings back memories of a time when communication was not as instantaneous as it is today. It adds a personal touch to communication that is often missing in today's digital age.

Make someone's day by sending them a letter through the mail!

So go on, write a letter to a family member or friend in your life - it will definitely brighten their day as they open the mailbox and find a letter waiting for them!

If you don't want to write your own letters, Fiction Letters are another option.

A Fiction Letters series makes a wonderful gift and a way for someone to relive the nostalgia of receiving physical letters in the mail. Seniors, especially, love Fiction Letters and the fun of finding handwritten letters in their mailbox from their new fictitious friend!

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