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How to relive the magic of getting letters in the mail

Do you remember the days when checking the mailbox was the highlight of your day? The anticipation, the thrill, and the pure joy of finding a letter addressed to you, filled with stories from a friend.

Relive the magic of getting letters in the mail with Fiction Letters

We all know that many people, especially the older generations, yearn for the days when receiving letters in the mail was the norm. There's something special about holding a tangible piece of someone's thoughts and emotions in your hands rather than just reading a text or email on a screen.

Sadly, in this digital age, the art of letter writing seems to have been laid to rest, and our trip to the mailbox results in finding junk mail and some bills. It's time to turn back the clock and experience that enchantment once again.

Fiction Letters bring back the magic of getting letters in the mail!

We created Fiction Letters for everyone who misses the joy of getting letters in the mail as a way to rekindle that magic!

Fiction Letters is a fun service that allows you to relive the magic of receiving letters in the mail. Imagine the excitement of opening your mailbox to find a beautifully handwritten envelope adorned with your name. As you tear it open, you're transported to a world of imagination and wonder as the letter inside takes you on a thrilling adventure.

Each series of Fiction Letters consists of eight carefully crafted letters delivered right to your mailbox every week over two months. These personalized letters come from a fictional friend with an amazing story to tell you, drawing you into a world filled with twists and turns, adventure, and a unique cast of characters.

Let's take a peek at the incredible series of Fiction Letters available:

The Fiction Letters Series (left to right): Scavenger Hunt Series, Whistleblower Series, Seeking Justice Series, Phantom Cruise Series
The Fiction Letters Series (left to right): Scavenger Hunt Series, Whistleblower Series, Seeking Justice Series, Phantom Cruise Series

Scavenger Hunt Series

If you're ready for heart-pounding excitement, the Scavenger Hunt Series is the perfect choice. Join your friend Sarah as what starts as a fun scavenger hunt quickly turns into an adrenaline-fueled quest when she discovers an ancient map. Is the map just a clue in the game, or will it lead to an unimaginable treasure?

Whistleblower Series

For those who crave a thrilling mystery, the Whistleblower Series will keep you on the edge of your seat. Trevor's world is turned upside down when he uncovers a sinister secret at work. But speaking out comes at a price, and he soon finds himself fighting for his life against a powerful and corrupt organization. Will he expose the truth and bring justice to light, or will he be silenced forever?

Seeking Justice Series

If you're a fan of suspenseful whodunits, the Seeking Justice Series is tailor-made for you. Join Jen as she embarks on a mission to bring justice to her neighbor's murder. Determined and fearless, she takes matters into her own hands, navigating a web of deceit and danger. Will she unmask the killer before it's too late?

Phantom Cruise Series

Looking for a bit of spookiness? Set sail on a haunting adventure with the Phantom Cruise Series! Paul's dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when he boards his first-ever cruise. Instead of the relaxing and luxurious voyage he expected, Paul finds himself embroiled in a series of mysterious and spooky events that threaten to take over the ship.

With Fiction Letters, you can choose the series that captures your imagination and transports you to your fictional friend’s world. Each letter immerses you in your friend’s story, leaving you eagerly anticipating the arrival of the next letter. It's a nostalgic experience that will reawaken the long-lost magic of receiving letters in the mail.

So, let's relive the magic together! Sign up for a Fiction Letters series and bring the joy of receiving personalized letters back into your life!

P.S. A Fiction Letters series makes an amazing gift! It's a unique gift for senior citizens, grandparents, and anyone who loves reading!

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