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Looking for a Mysterious, Creepy Read for Halloween? Check Out the Phantom Cruise Series!

It's that time of year! The ghosts and gremlins are out and ready to scare you!

If you're in the mood to be creeped out a little, then check out the Phantom Cruise series of Fiction Letters. In this series, Paul writes to tell you about his recent cruise where everything was definitely not normal!

Paul was excited to take his first cruise. As the ship set sail he was looking forward to a few weeks of R&R, fun and letting go of the world. But soon, he realized some strange things. The ship kept missing its ports, many other passengers turned zombie-like and the ship staff definitely had something to hide.

As the series of letters arrive in your mailbox each week, Paul recounts all of the strange and mysterious experience he had on his cruise. The action and suspense builds and you'll be checking your mailbox to see if Paul's next letter has arrived!

This is a really fun Fiction Letters series and it's perfect for this time of year! And from now through Halloween, it's 25% off! Use code PAULSCRUISE at checkout!

As always, we appreciate your support and thanks for taking a look at Fiction Letters!

The Fiction Letters Team

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