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Scavenger Hunt is on sale!

Scavenger Hunt series of Fiction Letters - great fiction sent as a series of letters through the mail
A centuries-old map of Philly may lead Sarah to a treasure!

One of our fan favorites, the Scavenger Hunt series, is on sale!

While competing in her company’s team building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds a centuries-old map. Is it just a clue in the game, or a life changing treasure map? You'll be riveted as Sarah tells you her story through 8 fascinating letters.

About the Scavenger Hunt Series

Sarah's not looking forward to her company's team-building scavenger hunt, but things take a dramatic turn quickly. Following the clues, she thinks she finds the first item on the list. Instead, what she finds is a map that may lead to a piece of American history that has been missing for centuries.

Throughout this series Sarah brings you along on her thrilling quest to solve the riddles around the missing treasure. The Scavenger Hunt Series will not disappoint.

It's filled with action, adventure and some really great characters. Get ready to check your mailbox again as Sarah sends you one letter a week for eight weeks recounting her adventures! Save on this exciting series through June 26 only!

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