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Tag along on your fictitious friend's wild adventures with Fiction Letters

Attention all you amazing fiction lovers out there! 👋

You need to hear about Fiction Letters - it's the most incredible thing since, well, anything! Imagine receiving a fantastic fictional story from a fictitious friend, broken down into eight parts, and each part is delivered to you as a personalized, physical letter through the mail!

I mean, who doesn't love getting real letters in the mail, right? In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 94% of Americans love getting letters in the mail. The sad news? The art of letter writing is dead, so those 94% of people are likely devastated every time they open their mailbox ☹️. That’s why we created Fiction Letters!

It's like having an old friend share their wildest adventures with you! Just look at the Seeking Justice series, where your friend Jen writes to you every week for two months about her thrilling quest to uncover the truth behind her neighbor's death, and you get to join in on all the excitement!

But hold on to your hats because that's not all! We also have The Whistleblower series, where Trevor's letters will take you on an epic adventure to expose a corrupt pharmaceutical company, and the Phantom Cruise series, where Paul's letters reveal all the eerie happenings on his not-so-relaxing cruise. And let's not forget the Scavenger Hunt series, where Sarah's letters bring you along on her hunt for an ancient treasure!

No matter which of the four great Fiction Letters series you choose, you’ll get one letter per week for eight weeks, bringing you along on your fictitious friend’s amazing adventures!

And don’t forget about the reader in your life – a Fiction Letters series is the perfect gift for fiction lovers! Instead of buying yet another book, give them a really unique gift that will keep on giving for two months as each letter arrives in the mail! We’ll even include a custom gift note with the first letter.

So what are you waiting for? Pick your Fiction Letters series and get excited to check your mailbox again!

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