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Take a weekly digital detox

It goes without saying that in today’s world everything we do is digital. We communicate using texts, Twitter and Instagram. We get all our news online. We watch YouTube and TikTok videos nonstop.

Wouldn’t it be fun, and a great change of pace, to go old-school for just a bit?

That’s why we created Fiction Letters! Each week, you can take a few minutes to sit down, open a hand addressed envelope and read a physical letter from a friend, even if that friend is fictitious!

The concept of Fiction Letters is simple, but also very nostalgic. A (fictitious!) friend will write you one personalized letter each week for 2 months. Through the series of 8 letters, you’ll be drawn into your friend’s adventures that are filled with twists and turns, intrigue and suspense!

Fiction Letters is great fiction sent as a series of letters through the mail from a fictitious friend. Fiction Letters is unique gift idea for the readers in your life.

There are four different series of Fiction Letters available. In each, a fictitious friend will write you 8 letters that tell an amazing story.

🧭 Scavenger Hunt Series - While competing in her company’s team building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds a centuries-old map. Is it just a clue in the game, or a life changing treasure map? You'll be riveted as Sarah tells you her story through 8 fascinating letters. Learn more

🚨 Whistleblower Series - After discovering a dark secret at work, your friend Trevor's emails recount the harrowing extent his employer will go to keep him quiet. Trevor's 8 pulse-pounding letters will get your adrenaline pumping. Learn more

⚖️ Seeking Justice Series - Jen takes matters into her own hands after her neighbor is murdered. This action-packed series of 8 letters is filled with curious characters and twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat as Jen tries to catch a killer. Learn more

🚢 Phantom Cruise Series - Paul just took his first ever cruise, but it was not the relaxing sun and fun filled voyage he expected. His 8 letters to you recap the mysterious happenings on the high seas. Learn more

Are you interested in Fiction Letters? Great! You can browse all the series here or read the FAQ to learn more.

P.S. A Fiction Letter series makes a great gift for the avid reader in your life, or someone in the older generation that misses getting letters in the mail! You can gift a specific series, or send an eGift Card and let them make the choice!

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