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Fiction Letters are a unique gift idea that will thrill for 2 months

The Ever Growing Uniqueness of Getting Letters in the Mail

Back in the day of our ancestors, getting letters in the mail was a very common occurrence, since it was the only way to communicate with loved ones that you did not live in close proximity. Today, I bet you haven’t received a letter in the mail in a long time, if ever!

If you were to get a letter in the mail today, it would be a really rare thing. Most likely you’d be confused — why did they write me a letter when they could have just texted, DM’d or sent an email?!?

But I bet you would be a bit excited!

The uniqueness!

The novelty!

The thrill of tearing open the envelope to see what’s inside!

The tangibility of the physical letter!

A recent study found that 94% of people like getting letters in the mail. We agree with that and that is why we started Fiction Letters!

While we doubt writing physical letters will ever make a comeback, we wanted to create something that at least brought back the excitement of opening your mailbox and finding something besides junk mail and catalogs. Fiction Letters are real letters addressed by hand that you can tear open, sit down and spend a few minutes lost in the reading.

We’d love if you check out what Fiction Letters has to offer! You can read on overview here, but in short, we provide great fiction stories that are sent out to you as physical letters. A Fiction Letters Series contains 8 letters from an old “friend” and you get one letter per week for 2 months.

Each week, you will get a new letter in the mail that brings you along on your friend’s journey. The letters are filled with action, adventure, and thrills that tell your friend’s amazing story.

There are four different Fiction Letters Series to choose from, each from a different friend:

Seeking Justice Series - Jen’s neighbor mysteriously dies and the police think he took his own life. Jen is skeptical and her letters take you along on her mission to prove he was murdered.

Whistleblower Series - Trevor works in a South American field office of a huge pharmaceutical company and he is convinced the company is up to no good. After he blows the whistle the evil company seeks revenge and Trevor’s letters brings you on the harrowing adventures to bring the company’s misdeeds to light.

Phantom Cruise Series - Paul just took his first ever cruise, but it was not the relaxing sun and fun filled voyage he expected. His letters to you recap the mysterious happenings on the high seas.

Scavenger Hunt Series - While competing in her company’s team building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds an ancient map. At first she thought is was a clue in the scavenger hunt but things take a drastic turn when she learns it is a centuries old treasure map.

If you miss (or want to experience for the first time!) the thrill of opening your mailbox to find a letter waiting for you, we hope you check out Fiction Letters. As we like to say, get excited to check you mailbox again!

Thanks for your support!

The Fiction Letters Team

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