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Fiction Letters are a unique gift idea that will thrill for 2 months

The Perfect Gift for Mom: Fiction Letters!

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for Mom? Then consider getting her a Fiction Letters series for Mother's Day!

Each Fiction Letter series contains 8 letters, sent one per week over two months. The personalized letters are from an old "friend" that tell an amazing story as they arrive in the mail each week. Filled with suspense and adventure, Mom will actually be excited to check her mailbox again!

Fiction Letters are perfect for moms who love reading and who miss the excitement of getting letters in the mail. Let her relive the nostalgia of opening her mailbox to find a letter waiting for her!

If you decide to give Fiction Letters as a gift, simply fill in the name and address of the recipient at checkout and we'll include a personalized gift note with the first letter.

Fiction Letters is the gift that keeps on giving as the letters arrive each week!

Check out all of the series of Fiction Letters available and make Mom's day special!

Thank you,

The Fiction Letters Team

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