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What is Epistolary Fiction?

Epistolary fiction is fiction made up of a series of documents. The documents are usually letters, but they can also be other types of documents such as journal or diary entries or newspaper articles.

In epistolary fiction, the story unfolds through the narrative of the documents. When composed of letters, the experiences and events are told in the first person based on the letter writer’s personal involvement with the events. As a result, epistolary fiction using letters is typically very personal.

We here at Fiction Letters love epistolary fiction. In fact, Fiction Letters areepistolary fiction! In our letters, your old “friend” writes you a series of letters that relay an amazing story. As each of the eight letters arrive in your mailbox, your friends story unfolds before you. The letters are filled with suspense, action and thrilling adventure as they recount your friend’s tale.

As an example, in the Phantom Cruise Series, your old friend Paul writes to you after a very unusual cruise around the world. Each week, for eight weeks, a letter arrives in your mailbox from Paul which recounts to you what was a truly bizarre and terrifying adventure.

We invite you to experience the epistolary fiction of Fiction Letters! There are several series of letters available. Each series brings you an amazing story sent as a series of eight personalized letters. Check out all of the series today and get excited to check your mailbox again!

The Fiction Letters Series

Seeking Justice Series

Whistleblower Series

Phantom Cruise Series

Scavenger Hunt Series

Thanks for reading!

The Fiction Letters Team

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