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What to Expect From a Fiction Letters Series

Hi Everyone,

There are a lot of new folks interested in Fiction Letters, and, because it is such a unique offering, I wanted to take a minute to give some details about exactly what you get with a Fiction Letters series.

Each series is a self-contained fictional story. The story is broken down into eight parts, and we send each part to you as a personalized, physical letter through the mail. You’ll get one letter per week for eight weeks.

The letters are from an old (fictional!) friend. Your friend is writing to let you know about something exciting in their life. As the weeks unfold, the letters bring you along on your friend’s journey.

For example, in the best-selling Seeking Justice series, your old friend Jen writes you to tell you some shocking news. Here next door neighbor has died. The police say that he took his life, but Jen suspects foul play. Over the coming weeks, Jen’s letters will take you along on her quest to find the truth, and her neighbor’s killer.

Besides the Seeking Justice series, we have three other series of letters. Each series contains eight letters mailed to you over two months:

The Whistleblower: Trevor works in a South American field office of a huge pharmaceutical company, and he is convinced the company is up to no good. After he blows the whistle, the evil company seeks revenge, and Trevor’s letters brings you on the harrowing adventures to bring the company’s misdeeds to light.

Phantom Cruise: Paul just took his first-ever cruise, but it was not the relaxing sun and fun filled voyage he expected. His letters to you recap the mysterious happenings on the high seas.

The Scavenger Hunt: While competing in her company’s team building scavenger hunt, Sarah finds an ancient map. At first, she thought it was a clue in the scavenger hunt, but things take a drastic turn when she learns it is a centuries old treasure map.

Fiction Letters is a really unique concept and one that we think you will love. It combines great fiction with the nostalgia of getting actual letters in the mail (remember those?!?).

The letters use a really unique and proprietary hand written font, and the envelopes are hand addressed.

We hope you take a minute to check out our site. You can read Our Story and the Frequently Asked Questions. And don’t forget to sign up for our email newsletter. If you sign up today, you will get an instant coupon code for $5.00 off your first Fiction Letters series!

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