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Why people love getting letters in the mail from Fiction Letters

When was the last time you got something interesting in the mail? Besides advertisements, coupons and other junk mail, most of us never find anything exciting in our mailboxes.

That’s where Fiction Letters come in! Imagine opening your mailbox to find a hand addressed letter waiting for you. Even though it’s from a fictitious friend, it still sparks a bit of joy.

Instead of tossing it in the recycle bin with the day’s other mail, you take a few minutes to sit down, open the handwritten envelope and read your friend’s action-packed story. With Fiction Letters, you can bet it will be an exciting letter!

Not familiar with Fiction Letters? It’s pretty simple, but really unique! We have four series of letters available. Each series contains 8 letters from a (fictitious) friend. Each week for 2 months, a new letter will arrive that tells your friend’s amazing story.

Fiction Letters is great fiction sent as a series of letters from a fictitious friend
Trevor's 8 pulse pounding letters will keep you on the edge of your seat!

For example, in the Whistleblower series, Trevor writes to tell you about the aftermath of his decision to blow the whistle on his corrupt employer, a giant multi-national pharmaceutical company. Trevor’s 8 letters to you reveal the extent his former employer goes to silence him. The series of letters is filled with pulse-pounding action, a trek through a South American jungle and the revelation of a surprising ally in Trevor’s fight to bring the company’s wrong doings to light.

Check out all the Fiction Letters series – there’s sure to be one that will bring some excitement to your boring mailbox!

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