The best-selling Seeking Justice series is an action-packed series of 8 letters from your old friend Jen that chronicles her attempt to bring a murderer to justice.


Jen's neighbor Mr. Fudge is found dead in his home.  The police say he committed suicide, but Jen has her doubts - she thinks he was murdered.


Now, Jen is on a quest to find her neighbor's murderer.  As she investigates, Jen comes across many interesting suspects:  Mr. Fudge's abrasive law partner, his sketchy brother and his very unusual fiancé.  As Jen gets closer to exposing the truth the dangers become more real as the killer tries to silence her.


Throughout this series Jen brings you along on her adventures to find her neighbor's murderer.  The Seeking Justice Series is filled with adventure, suspense and a memorable cast of characters.  Get ready to check your mailbox again as Jen sends you one letter a week for eight weeks keeping you up-to-date on her adventures!

The Seeking Justice Series

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  • 1 letter a week for 8 weeks, each delivered to your mailbox by USPS First Class Mail.


    Each letter will chronicle Jen's adventures in her quest to unravel the mystery of her neighbor's tragic ending.

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    Get excited to check your mailbox again!!!