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Fiction Letters Series

Relive the magic of getting letters in the mail with Fiction Letters!


Each Fiction Letters Series contains 8 letters from a fictional friend who has an amazing story to tell you!


You'll get a letter in the mail every week for 2 months, and each letter is personalized with the recipient's name throughout the letter, is dated, and uses our custom handwriting font!

💡 Learn more about Fiction Letters here, or check out the FAQs.

Get ready for a heart-pounding adventure with the Scavenger Hunt Series! What starts as a simple and fun game quickly turns into an adrenaline-fueled quest when your friend Sarah discovers an ancient map. Is it just a clever part of the scavenger hunt or could it lead to an unimaginable treasure? More...

Scavenger Hunt Thumbnail.jpg

Prepare to be swept away on a thrilling journey with the Seeking Justice Series! Jen's life takes a dramatic turn when her neighbor is murdered and the killer remains at large. With a fierce determination to bring justice to the victim, Jen takes matters into her own hands and embarks on a mission to hunt down the killer in this suspenseful whodunit. More...

Seeking Justice Thumbnail 2.jpg

Trevor's world is turned upside down after he uncovers a sinister secret at work. But when he decides to speak out, he quickly realizes the harrowing extent that his employer will go to keep the truth buried. Will Trevor be able to expose the truth and bring his corrupt employer to justice? Or will his bravery cost him everything, including his own life? More...

Whistleblower Thumbnail.jpg

Set sail on a haunting adventure with the Phantom Cruise Series! Paul's dream vacation quickly turns into a nightmare when he boards his first-ever cruise. Instead of the relaxing and luxurious voyage he expected, Paul finds himself embroiled in a series of mysterious and spooky events that threaten to take over the ship. More...

Phantom Cruise Thumbnail.jpg

👉 Looking for a shorter Fiction Letters experience? Check out Singles - one letter, one great story from your fictional friend!

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