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Try Fiction Letters for Free!

Fiction Letters is a fun new way to read fiction.  We deliver great serialized fiction as personalized letters through the mail.

We're so confident that you'll love opening your mailbox to find a Fiction Letter waiting for you among all of the junk mail and bills that we'll send you the first letter from any of our series at absolutely no cost.  No tricks, no obligation, no credit card required!


There are several series of letters to choose from and each series is made up of eight letters from an old "friend."  As the weeks unfold, the letters tell an amazing story filled with suspense, drama and mystery.  

To get your free letter, simply fill out the form below and indicate which series you'd like to receive.  Choose from the suspenseful Seeking Justice Series, the action-packed Whistleblower Series or the riveting Phantom Cruise Series.

Want to learn more about Fiction Letters?  Check out Our Story and the FAQ.

At this time, we are only able to mail Fiction Letters within the United States.

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Fiction Letter!
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